Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of IOS 11 to Developers

Apple with just 2 months to go before the final iOS 11 launch, apple today released its fourth beta of iOS 11. This beta contains plenty of bug fixes and stability improvements as these beta releases are about refinements and improvements to the already stable and polished OS.


iOS 11 will be launched with a number of new features and design overhaul like the new control center, lock screen with the unified look, enhanced system apps, notification center and the all new app store. ios 11 is expected to bring more developer friendly tools along with more control for the general users.

There had been stability issues with iOS 11 (as all beta os do) in the beginning but its come a long way and more stable. so all of you who are holding back on updating to iOS 11 beta on your iphone and ipads , you can now safely do that. The beta version will still have some bugs but by now it will be stable enough for daily usage.

you can update to the latest iOS 11 beta using your developer account. For those of you who are already on the beta release will receive OTA notifications to update to the latest build.As for those that are in the public iOS beta tester , Apple should be rolling out new public beta of iOS 11 later this week.

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